Legacy A50

Legacy A50

Batteria elettronica

*Le specifiche tecniche ed estetiche degli strumenti possono cambiare senza preavviso.



Sophisticated Engine

5 kinds of realistic acoustic drum sounds are well recorded and processed by EFNOTE Japan.

Elite Sensitivity

Sound, playability, sensing, user-interface and everything you touch is tuned by EFNOTE Japan.

USB / Computer

Just connect with a USB cable, you can play along with Youtube playback on your computer. You can also digitally record your performance on it easily!

Simple Interface

The newly designed compact sound module comes with simple operation and high visibility functional panel layout.

Quick REC

You can digitally record your performance on it easily!

Top Sensitivity

All pads come with multi-sensor which provides consistent and stable sensing.

Flexible Setup

Independent snare drum stand for flexible setup.

  • Building your custom drum kits
  • Various reverb and chorus effects
  • White back-lit LCD 10 backing patterns for playing along
  • Quick REC function
  • Metronome function
  • USB Audio & USB MIDI support
  • Two-layer mesh head
  • Low rebound and durable fabric kick head
  • 2-zone hi-hat and crash cymbal (bow/edge)
  • 3-zone ride cymbal (bow/edge/cup)
  • Stable & easy assembling
  • 4 legs rack stand
  • Heavy duty FRP conjunction parts
  • Compact footprint

Audio / MIDI

  • Line Outputs (2x Phone), Phones Output (Stereo Mini)
  • Audio Input (Stereo Mini)
  • USB Audio: In/Out, USB MIDI In/Out
  • Bluetooth MIDI In/Out, 5-pin Output


  • Interface
  • Kick
  • Snare
  • Tom1
  • Tom2
  • Tom3
  • Crash
  • Ride
  • Hi Hat
  • Cables


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