Performer white

Performer white

Digital piano 88 semi-weighted keys

Stage piano 88 semi-weighted keys



The new Performer Piano is an elegant and stylish 88-key piano that offers robust and expressive sound with its 4-speaker audio diffusion system and weighs only 19 pounds. The Grand Piano 3 Layer sampling with Supra Sound acoustic engine. Artesia records acoustic instruments capturing their depth, expression and essence. Adds additional 3D stereo instrument samples that offer a natural feel and sound for practice and performance. The instrument voices included are Electric Piano, Harp, Vibrations, Nylon Guitar, Organ, Strings and much more. The action of the soft touch springs and the velocity-sensitive keyboard give the sensation of a lighter piano at the fingertips. The advanced and natural acoustic design offers dynamic response and smooth playability, as well as five different touch speed presets to suit any type of exercise or performance. The Performer offers a DSP for extra extra sound realism and adjustable levels of Reverb and Chorus for further sound sculpting of the sound of your performances. The Perfomer also has useful functions and features such as the metronome and the Transpose function for playing in difficult tones. In addition, you can superimpose two voices of instruments such as the piano and the strings for beautiful effects and orchestrations. The Performer Piano features USB to host, USB MIDI and MIDI ports that allow you to connect to laptops, tablets, smartphones and other compatible devices to add instrumental voices, multitrack recording and much more. The Performer Mobile Piano also has stereo Line Out (L / R) connections, so you can connect your piano to a keyboard, monitor or PA amplifier for additional audio options. You can also play with your favorite songs via the Performer’s built-in speaker system when you connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can also connect headphones for private practice.


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